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Student Appearance Guidelines

Scriptural Appearance Guidelines
  • Pleasing to the Lord. Good and acceptable in His eyes. Col. 3:23
  • Becomes the Gospel of Christ. Your general manner and behavior. Phil. 1:27
  • Modest. Clothing should be loose-fitting, and non-figure revealing.
  • 1 Tim. 2:9
  • Moderate. Not excessive, extreme, or extravagant. Phil. 4:5
  • Clothing should be clean, pressed if needed, and in good condition (No holes or tears).
  • No large logos, prints, or transfers. No logos across the buttocks.
  • Clothing or shoes in fluorescents, very bright colors and bright patterns are not permitted.
  • All student hair styles and female makeup should be conservative and non-attention drawing.

Appearance Guideline Purpose

The purpose of Hametown Christian Academy is to provide an excellent education that esteems God and His perspectives as right in all matters of life. As a Christian Academy, it is our desire that our students follow Biblical guidelines at all times. With this in mind, the following appearance guidelines are required AT ALL TIMES while students are at school.

Appearance Guideline Definitions

  • Standard: That which is established as a rule or model, by the opinion, custom or general consent, of the school administration.
  • Conservative: Holding to traditional Biblical-based values, behaviors and attitudes. 

Click Below for the full 2022-2023 Appearance Guidelines

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