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Impact a Student's Life for Eternity...for FREE!

HCA is excited to introduce SGO Student Scholarships!

Thanks to Ohio’s new state tax credit, individuals who donate to a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) can receive a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit for up to $750 per taxpayer or $1500 per married couple. Learn more below and designate your gift specifically for Hametown Christian Academy student scholarships!

Give the gift of Christian education today...for FREE!

Hametown Christian Academy is working directly with the Ohio Christian Education Network SGO (OCEN SGO) to provide you with the unique opportunity to put your tax dollars to work in a way that will glorify the Lord! 

Click the link below to donate today!

How can my student apply 

for an SGO Scholarship?

What is a "Tax Credit"?

The State of Ohio's Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) tax credit (Section 5747.73 of the Ohio Revised Code) authorizes donors who contribute to K-12 student scholarships through a certified SGO to receive dollar-for-dollar reduction in their state taxes up to $750 per individual taxpayer. Your gift to the Ohio Christian Education Network SGO (OCEN SGO) will go directly to a scholarship for a student attending Hametown Christian Academy.

Why donate to an SGO?

A 100% tax credit up to $750 per person per year ($1,500 for those filing married filing jointly). The first $750 will be granted a $750 state tax credit, and the amount of the gift beyond the initial $750 may be claimed as a federal and state tax deduction.

How will my gift be stewarded?

100% Tuition Scholarships. Gifts make a high-quality Christian education accessible and affordable for all of our school families.

Do I qualify to give?

Anyone can support SGO Scholarships! However, to receive the tax credit you must pay or owe Ohio state taxes. Anyone whose taxable income is over $44,250 owes a minimum of $878.42 in state tax. $750 donated towards Christian education reduces this amount to $128.42 remaining for the state.

Further questions?

Please contact Michael Armbruster at:

Cell: (330) 322-5970 


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