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Tuition & Billing

Hametown Christian Academy is first and foremost a ministry and thus, we rely heavily on additional contributions and gifts that allow us to keep our tuition as low as possible. 



1st Child = $420/month

2nd Child = $410/month

3rd Child = $400/month


Tuition is due by the 10th of every month.

Tuition is calculated on a 10 month basis. Sep - June

If entire yearly tuition is paid in full by Sep 1st, a $100 tuition price reduction is given. (per child)


Additional One-Time Fees:

Beginning of the Year:

   Yearly Re-enrollment = $50 per student

   School Security = $50 per family

   Sports (only if student is participating) = see Head Coach

   Score Key Replacement = $10 per student

Only for a New Student:

   Read To Learn = $75 per student

   Grades 1-12 = $85 per student

This fee is non-refundable and is due when the Enrollment Package Forms are turned in.

This fee is only due one time and isn't re-charged yearly.

It covers the application, registration & diagnostic testing costs.

Due by the 10th of every month:   

   Curriculum = Approx $35 per student

   (This is calculated on a monthly basis depending on how

   much material the student goes through.)


Additional Monthly Fees:

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