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A.C.E. Regional Student Convention

Regional Student Conventions are a challenging, inspirational, and fun-filled destination where you develop God-given gifts and talents in preparation for a dynamic ministry!


What Is It?

Hametown Christian Academy is proud to offer our students a unique student competition opportunity once a year. This exciting and enriching week-long extracurricular event provides our students with a unique platform to showcase their talents, knowledge and skills. With over 140 diverse categories spanning Biblical knowledge, academics, arts, sports, theatre and more, this convention promises a holistic opportunity for our students to excel and grow.

What is Involved?

The journey to participate in the Accelerated Christian Education Student Convention is one that involves months of dedicated preparation from our students and intensive one-on-one instruction from our school staff. This event fosters teamwork, discipline and personal growth. From fine-tuning academic knowledge and perfecting artistic performances to mastering athletic feats, our students invest their time and effort into achieving their very best potential. Moreover, the convention serves as a valuable educational experience that nurtures character development and encourages a strong sense of community and camaraderie among our student body.


Lifetime Investment

While participation comes with a heavy financial commitment of approximately $600 per child, we believe the life lessons, experiences, and memories that students gain from this event are truly worth the investment. HCA is thrilled to support our students as they embark on this journey of growth and achievement!

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